PE and Sport Premium Funding

The government provides additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in Primary Schools. This funding, provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, is allocated to Primary School budgets. The funding must be spent on sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and Sport. Possible uses for the funding have included:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with Primary teachers when teaching PE.
  • Paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport.
  • Providing cover to release Primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport.
  • Running sport competitions, or increasing pupils’ participation in the School Games.
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport.
  • Providing places for pupils on after school sports clubs and holiday clubs.
  • Pooling the additional funding with that of other local schools.

New End has used this funding to partially fund the work of our sports coaches. (The school tops up the cost for these coaches from our designated budget.)  Our PE Leader of Learning continues to ensure at least two hours of active PE a week for every class and ensures we network and exploit opportunities beyond the school.

At New End we have a wide range of sports opportunity for children.

We are focused on providing a really inclusive PE curriculum, offering a wide (and changing) range of sports for the children to participate in, helping children to understand the importance of an active lifestyle (and associated health benefits) and increasing overall participation in borough wide events.  Children learn a range of traditional team sports such as cricket, football, basketball and tag rugby.

We monitor and track the aerobic fitness levels of our children through regular activities such as the Bleep Test (to assess multi-stage fitness). We continue to encourage our families to walk to school each day and we are committed to walking as much as possible – for example, we utilise the great resource of Hampstead Heath as much as possible for class sporting activities.

Camden Sports Association offers many competitive activites which we regularly participate in throughout the school year. We enter teams into cricket, rounders, tag rugby, Y3/4 football and both the Yr3/4 and Yr5/6  Camden Schools girls and boys’ football tournaments. We annually enter the swimming gala, cross country, indoor athletics and athletics events. In the past two academic years we won the rounders, cross country and Girl’s Y5/6 football; came second in swimming and cricket; and came third in the indoor athletics and Boys’ Y5/6 football.  At the present time with COVID-19, sporting events across schools is paused.  We look forward to these starting as soon as it is safe to do so.

In terms of annual events we hold two wonderful Sports Day – one for children in the EYFS held on the school premises and the other for children in Years 1 to 6 which we hold on Hampstead Heath.

New End children are generally fit and healthy – our five storey building certainly ensures that we do a lot of walking! Evidence is also seen in height and weight data. Our Year Six pupil data compares very favourably to Camden data.

We always finish in the top third of events and our most able children are given a chance to shine. However we aim to improve the overall health and well being of all our children and encourage them to join in all school based sporting activities.  We also have training and compete in an inclusive cricket tournament at Lords each year.

Children in Year Three to Six learn to swim at Swiss Cottage.  Unfortunately, due to closures in 2020 we could not assess the Year 6 children as required as they were due to swim during this period.  We will assess the current Year 6 cohort by the end of the academic year if possible on whether they can swim competently, confidently, and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres; use a range of strokes effectively; and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

The impact of this funding, both from the school initially and then combined with the government funding, has been:

  • Specialist input for all children from Nursery to Year Six each week.
  • Continued success in local authority sporting competitions.

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2020/21 financial year is: £18820

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2019/20 financial year is: £19333

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2018/19 financial year is: £19333

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2017/18 financial year was: £15394

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2016/17 financial year was: £13755

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2015/16 financial year was: £9695

The Sport Premium Allocation for 2014/15 financial year was: £3739

Please see the attachment below for further details for the current and previous academic years.