Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Many children have special educational needs at some time during their education.  These may be of a short duration or over a longer period of time.

Children of all ages may also have disabilities that will impact on their learning or access to school.

We cater for children with special educational needs and disabilities, providing the need can be met in a mainstream school and with the building restrictions that we have at New End.  Support is provided in a variety of ways in order to best meet the needs of the children.  This can include individual support or small group support either in the classroom or through withdrawal for short periods of input.  It can include adaptions for a disability as well.

Click HERE to see New End’s Local Offer.

As a school, we always endeavour to enable children with special educational needs and disabilities to enrol.  However, we do have some limitations.

The school has wheel-chair access to all classes on the ground floor, but no access at present beyond this point.  We have disabled toilet facilities.  The nature of our school building, restrictions to the building due to being in a conservation area and the decision by the local authority to prioritse certain schools to be disabled accessible, means that the school cannot widen this access to those in wheelchairs.  Some classrooms have acoustic tiling to benefit hearing impaired children and adults.  Window blinds in classrooms and halls also benefit visually impaired children.  IT equipment is available to those children whose disability requires it to support their learning.  Click to see the school’s Accessibility Plan and the Inclusion Policy.

At New End, all pupils are included in the full life of the school. The school recognises that additional provision may need to be made to ensure that pupils with special educational needs or disabilities are enabled to access the full life of the school. For example, this can mean specific support on a school trip if identified in risk assessments. Parents/carers are welcomed to accompany trips, as appropriate, to further support their child’s experience.

Teachers plan for the inclusion of each individual in their class across all aspects of the curriculum. Materials and resources are adapted as necessary to ensure that all pupils can access learning materials and tasks. PE lessons and sports activities are adapted as necessary to enable all pupils to participate. Adaptations may include use of alternative or specialist equipment, peer or adult support or individualised targets/objectives.

The progress of all our children is carefully monitored each term.  Children with special educational needs and disabilities are placed on the Special Educational Needs Register and provided with appropriate tasks which address their needs and abilities.

Parents and carers of children on the Special Educational Needs Register are always consulted and involved.  When necessary, we call on outside agencies for further support and advice.  This may include the Education Psychology Service, Education Welfare Service, Pupil Support Service, Unlocking Potential (UP) or medical services.

The governing body of the school monitors policy and practice on a regular basis.

Mrs Heidi Meakin is the school’s SENDCO.  Mrs Meakin can be contacted via the school office on 020 7431 0961 or by email marked for her attention to admin@newend.camden.sch.uk.

Philip Quinn is the named link governor for special educational needs.

Also see our  New End SEND Policy

Related Polices

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If you have any concerns or complaints about the SEN support the school is providing for your child, please contact the SENDCO directly as noted above and follow the school’s complaint procedures as noted HERE.