Charging and Remissions Policy

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At New End we want all our children to have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities, both on and off site, within and outside the curriculum, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. This policy sets out our school approach to charging and remissions, and is informed by local authority guidance. In doing this our intention is to ensure transparency in setting charges and so all children are able to access all the provision on offer.

The School does not charge for any whole-class educational activity offered by staff that takes place in the school day.

All children in a class have equal access to educational activities, such as workshops and off-site visits.

The school offers a wide range of educational outings that are enjoyed by children throughout the school. These outings include day trips out of school, as well as a residential school journey for Year 6.

The cost of these activities and workshops from external providers is met by parental voluntary contribution.  If there is a shortfall, the trip may be cancelled.  In cases where there is a small shortfall, funds may be met from the school’s budget or donations to the school from NESA.

Current legislation regarding parental contributions means:

  • any parental payment for an outing or activity is voluntary;
  • we offer free packed lunches to any child who is entitled to free school meals;
  • the amount of the voluntary payment requested is the exact cost for each child;
  • we do not ask for money for materials or money to cover the cost of practical activities, again any contributions being voluntary;
  • we do not ask for money to cover staff costs.

However, we are allowed to:

  • ask for voluntary contributions of money or materials;
  • cancel an activity if there are inadequate voluntary contributions.

All children are treated equally whether or not their parents/carers have made a voluntary contribution. We appreciate the support that many parents give at New End in donating extra funds, over and above the exact cost of the activity for their children, which enables so many of these ‘charged’ activities to take place.