Visits, Visitors and Enrichment Activities

At New End we seek to offer enrichment opportunities for all children.

We seek to be inclusive in our provision of enrichment activities within the classroom and in the information we offer to parents regarding opportunities beyond it.

To enrich classroom learning, we try wherever possible to plan opportunities for visits and visitors.  Recent enrichment experiences in Spring Term 2023 have included all year groups having workshops led by the Crick Institute in school with children in Year 5 attending the Institute for the day: a Year 2 visit to The Science Museum; a Year 5 Shakespeare Workshop as part of The Shakespeare in School Project: and a Year 6 visit to the Grant Museum.  Enrichment experiences in Autumn Term 2022 have included  Year 6 trips to the Houses of Parliament to study the process of democracy and the Junior Citizen Programme; a Year 5 trip to The British Museum to view and study their Greek collection as part of their history topic; a Year 3 trip to the Thames foreshore for a mud larking experience;  a Year 2 visit to Camley Street Nature Park to study the environment; a Year 1 local walk as part of their geographical study of the local area; a Reception trip to the Postal Museum to enjoy “The Jolly Postman”; and a Nursery visit to enjoy a production of Julia Donaldson’s “The Stick Man”.  Children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 also visited the cinema as part of National Film Week.  Children in Key Stage Two also enjoyed a visit by the author, Philip Hartley, in school where he shared the process of writing and publishing a book.

Class enrichment activities also include the involvement of every Year 5 child in The Shakespeare in Schools project each year, Every child in Year 4 learning the recorder for the year and the provision of a weekly chess lesson for every Year 2 and Year 3 child.

Developing children’s leadership skills is also an area we seek to enrich.  Children in Key Stage 2 are all encourage to stand as a school councillor to represent their class.  Year 6 children are all encouraged to stand as a House Captain or Vice-Captain.

We offer children the opportunity to participate in sporting enrichment activities as part of Camden Schools Sports Association.  This includes opportunities to play in football and netball tournaments as well as gala days in cross country, athletics and swimming.

New End participates in enrichment activities provided by the local authority and beyond.  For example, the school has participated in inter-school mathematics competitions run by Explore Learning, inter-school chess tournaments run by Chess in Schools and art competitions run by Hampstead Art School.

Beyond the school day New End also enables children to access specific clubs to develop their skills.  Clubs include cooking, board games, art and craft, football, multi-sports and chess.